Go big or go home!

What do I mean "Go Big or Go Home"? 

In this case I am referring to goal setting. That carrot on the end of the stick that has the power to get you out of bed at 5 am in the rain to chase after something that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand when you think about it, it has the ability to keep you going when everyone else and everything in your life is saying "It's too hard, why bother, just quit". 

It is a goal that you have set yourself that means something to you and you are willing to do everything in your power to go out and do your very best to achieve that. 

Ask yourself. Have I ever had a goal that big? That important? That audacious? Many haven't, with mainly athletes that are competing in larger events the being the ones that I know with the big goals that leaves those that don't understand an athletes mindset shaking their heads and thinking why the hell bother it all sounds like such hard work. 

You see in my humble opinion having those big audacious goals can be what can keeps you motivated, they will give you the determination to keep going even when the motivation is low. It gives your training a purpose. 

I know I have an athletic mindset. If you have read even half my blogs I know you will agree. I also know that when I am training for a big event that I have set a goal for I train better, I perform better at work and I generally feel better about myself. 

Having a goal is something that takes courage. Writing it down takes even more. It makes you accountable to you and everyone that can see that goal. 

The beauty of a goal though is that you can quite often reverse engineer a goal, it allows you to design a training program "in my case anyway" that will head you in the right direction towards reaching your goal. It is all about embracing the process and be willing to show up everyday and follow a to give yourself the best chance possible to achieve that goal. 

After Completing Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie the next goal had to be big, it had to be audacious. I believe I have done just that. Late this November I am competing at Western Sydney 1/2 Ironman. That is a 1.9 km swim,90 km bike ride and a 21.1 km run. My goal is to go top 5 in this race. Top 5 doesn't really sound that impressive. But for me it is a massive step up if I can achieve that. My best place over this distance to date is 13th. Do I think I can do it. I think I can. If I have a good day with no mistakes and I meet my training requirements then I truly think that it is a possibility. In  the end though I can't Control who turns up. I can't control how good everyone else is on the day. I can't control the weather. But I can control my training leading up to the event and I can  how I conduct myself on the day. If I end up 50th but I did everything that I could on the day to the very best that I could I will walk away happy. 

What is your goal? Do yo have one? Does it mean a lot to you? 

No excuses, no regrets, just commitment and a resolute will. 

Once you have that you can't fail and the results don't matter. Only the process and the effort to get there in the first place. 


Mick Rand

Head Coach. 


Posted on May 25, 2018 .