TPC's TOP REcovery Techniques!

Most people that read this will do some kind of training!

Everyone that comes to Total Performance Centre trains hard.

If you have done one of my classes you may have heard me say "If you train hard you have to recover hard".

So what are the best recovery techniques?

There is always conjecture about what is the best.

Many people go straight to some sort of protein powder or some chemical concoction from a supplement store. 

However if you go to a few different sources you will find that most of them have a couple of strategies that they list more important than nutrition. 

I don't have facts and figures to back this list up. I haven't done a double blind peer reviewed study. What I have though is Over 15 years of competitive sport as an adult. What I know is that the more of these strategies I combine the better I recover . Are you going to do all of these? Heck I don't. But I do combine all of them at various times to try to help me achieve my goals. 

Here is my TOP 8 recovery strategies.

1/ Sleep

2/ Hydration

3/ Cool Down & Active Recovery

4/ Nutrition

5/ Reduction of Inflammation

6/ Stress Reduction

7/ Stretching 

8/ Massage. 

Over the next few blogs I am going to discuss the 8 strategies. How I use them. How I haven't used them and regretted it.  

Don't forget to post any questions, opinions or theories. So we can discuss them in future Blog's. 

Posted on January 18, 2018 .