Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy & Me

Pretty fancy name " Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy" . What does it mean? Many of you by now have no doubt jumped on Google and done a search on the name.  

Well in the creator's words " Amino BioFrequency Therapy focuses on repairing weakened frequencies in the body and normalizes the body's functions. Developed based on the knowledge gathered on the impact of antioxidants on the cells and the biochemical reactions in the body." 

So how does it work? "Amino patches are applied directly on the skin, where the infrared body heat activates the patch causing the frequency to begin its work in the body for up to 72 hours"

What drew me to the therapy was the fact that it is not about just treating the muscle. It looks at inflammation and the nervous system. An analogy that I have sort of come up with is, " massaging a sore muscle is like smacking the kid that gets bullied at school for being bullied. It isn't the kids fault. It is the bully that makes his life hell. Massage in many cases is like beating up that bullied muscle that is only sore because of something further up the hierarchy." 

It is lightning quick with palpable results in as little as a minute. On day one of the course I attended in Dubai, Mikel I think sensed my scepticism and asked me if I had any pain. I had just travelled 26 hours on "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". I was sore everywhere. Especially in the lower back and glutes area. Mikel like a pain seeking missile honed in on a sore glute complex and basically made me feel like I was being pinned to the table by a 6 inch roofing nail. I looked over my shoulder he was barely touching me. He then placed three patches on my glutes and rolled me over and placed three more on the front of my hips. I rolled back over and Mikel palpated again. Less than 30 seconds after the last patch was applied. He asked how does that feel. I honestly said "well it doesn't hurt but you obviously aren't pressing as hard". The room erupted with laughter. As I looked over my shoulder I witnessed Mikel boring down with his full 94kg looking like he was trying to find the roofing nail he placed in my hips earlier. Needless to say the pain level had reduced dramatically in under a minute. 

I was gob smacked. I had never seen anything remotely as effective or relatively pain free before. Keep in mind I have done dry needling, Cupping, TENS machine with needles, kinesio Taping and countless other courses helping me to become a better therapist. All great in their own way. None had half of the impact this did in twice the time or with as far reaching effects. 

Later on in the course. I got to treat a lady in her mid fifties with chronic arthritis barely able to get 40 degrees of knee bend and chronic pain 24 hour a day, jog down a hallway with ease and a smile on her face saying she didn't feel and knee pain. I witnessed a young lady with chronic body wide inflammation and swelling gain back her vitality in 5 days to a level she couldn't remember having. 

Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy is new in Australia. It is relatively new world wide. In these early days when you aren't really sure of what this new kid on the block is. It will take a shifting your thought processes as to what you expect from manual therapy as you most likely expect to be in some sort of pain during and after a treatment. I still cringe at remembering having a client comeback to see me in the past maybe a fortnight after their last treatment with fading bruises in the areas I treated. I had caused them and what is worse the client said they thought that was normal. 

My passion is back. My love for Treating people and working with them to help them return to a pain free life is well and truly back. I can't describe the joy it brings in my heart when I hear from clients that I have previously tried to help but failed call or message me at the change they are feeling after only one or two treatments. Previously I would often just stand there after they left shaking my head feeling impotent and like a fraud. 

The light at the end of the tunnel is on. The light is bright. The light is Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy. Total Performance Centre is holding up the light. (A bit corny I know. But I believe and so will you.) 


Posted on May 4, 2017 .