Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy. Taking it to the next Level!!

It has been two months since Dubai. It almost feels like I am looking back on to someone else's life. The me that was at work 2 months ago doing my very best but often feeling impotent and ineffectual. Versus the me today that brims with confidence that I have a tool in my tool kit that most likely will help take someone from high levels of pain to relatively low if not total cessation of pain. It often feels almost like I have been reborn. 

It's ok folks. I'm not going all evangelist on you. I just mean that I feel even more invigorated than I did the day I graduated from my Massage diploma. Like I can take on the world! Like I have found my calling.

Every day I still get at least one client that looks at me in utter disbelief and gratitude for opening their eyes to what a life without pain can feel like. A client that has been to every manual therapist on Google and haven't been able to shift the pain. A client that that gets up of my table and starts looking for the pain that has been dogging them for months or even years. But some how can't manage to replicate it. 

That being said am still a baby in the Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy world. I have more education to go and more knowledge and experience to accumulate. I was given the opportunity to travel to London to further my education and complete a further 2 levels. I was both excited and intimidated as I had heard that the more advanced levels are very intense and challenge you in a way you have never imagined. Upon meeting my class mates for these courses it nothing to assuage my concerns as the collective knowledge in the room was astounding. I quickly realised though that there were no egos here. Everyone was there to learn and to better themselves just as I was. 

Over the six days we were in London we did theory and practical over long days. My initial plan while in London was to do a bit of sight seeing after class and try to get a bit of shopping in if possible as well. Well after the second day in a row where we walked out of the class room at 9:30 pm I realised I wouldn't be going anywhere. 

To further that was the tragedy in London with the terror attack creating a lot of fear and uncertainty. I will admit being in the class room all day and not watching any TV I was unaware of what was going on until I was bombarded with concerned friends sending me messages of worry to see that I was safe. Then as we were heading to class the following day there was a cacophony of sirens and police vehicles speeding every where. We were located in Barking and later found out that the family of the Terrorist all lived in an apartment complex not far from where we were all located. 

I can say I never felt in danger but being around it I felt a sense that the local people were in a state of shock and betrayal. It was truly surreal to be in that situation. 

When we settled back in to our course that we went about our learning and continued the skills I was to take home with me back to Australia. We were helping people with blood circulation issues, stomach bloating issues, and many other inflammatory problems that until then I had never dreamed of being able to help with. 

Myself I have had lingering back dramas as a part of my gluteals for as long as I can remember. After being examined by my peers they found me to have an extremely inflamed liver, spleen a very sore and inflamed colon and a completely blocked lymphatic system. After two treatments dealing with these issues and my back complaints. I can say that I have not felt this good all over in many years. 

I can only say that what I know and who I can now help is staggering. The people we helped in those 6 days have found a new way will be forever changed. They have been shown that there is an alternative way to being healthy for many different problems. 

From now the way to health has another pathway. It's called Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy. 

For those of you that would like a bit more information jump in their webpage here:

For those therapists that are interested in learning this modality. We will be running classes in the near future and I will be able to give out links to those courses when we have finalised the dates. 

For now though.

Live your life well. Be honest Love your fellow man and Stay healthy.

Mick Rand



Posted on June 7, 2017 .