Changing of the Direction

I was in trouble!

I was meant to be at the peak of my massage career. I had a great business I had awesome clientele I had a good membership base with some great people getting some awesome results. 

But I was in trouble as a therapist.  I knew that what I was doing wasn't what I needed to be doing, but I didn't know what I needed to do but I knew what I was doing wasn't right. 

One fateful morning when I was trying to come up with a way to integrate some new things in to Total Performance Centre I was going through my Facebook feed and up popped an American Chiropractor that I had done a course with 2 years previous wearing a funny looking disc on his temple talking about a treatment protocol called Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy. 

Colour me intrigued but this mentor of mine sprouting on about this treatment as being so awesome that it changed his life. I contacted him to see if he was marketing or a true believer. He believed. I contacted the owners of the treatment and asked if they were going to be coming to Australia. They at that stage had no plans to do so in the next 18 months. 

I had two choices. Keep doing what I was doing and be unhappy with the results and my methods. Or travel to Dubai and see if this was what I was looking for. I decided that I actually had no choice. This was something I had to do. 

6 days later I was on a plane heading to Dubai embarking on an adventure that was soon to change my life and my practice my beliefs and put me on the path I needed to be on that I didn't know existed.    

Now 4 weeks since returning from Dubai even now is a blur. The amount of information I took in and the changing of thought processes and treatment methodologies and the long days left me mentally drained most days but invigorated more than I had since way back when first coming out of my remedial massage course eager to help people. 

I knew I was on the correct path and I knew that the way I treated clients would never be the same again. In the 4 weeks since returning I can't remember ever getting so much satisfaction from treating so many people and giving them such great results time after time after time. 

Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy is the way of the future. It will change the face of manual therapy in Australia and around the world. I feel grateful and lucky to have a my wife though skeptical, brave enough to back my move and say go for it. I am grateful for Perry Nickelston for posting on Facebook at that very moment that I needed some direction. And I am grateful to Mikel Hoff and Sanne kiilerich for letting this Aussie jump on that course in Dubai and rocking my world to it's foundations. 


You want to know what I am going on about? Come on in and try a treatment. I bet I rock your world as well. 


Posted on May 2, 2017 .