Welcome to 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow what a whirlwind 2015 was. 

From shoulder surgery last January, to hiring our new massage therapist "Jade Cooper", to attending the Primal movement patterns course in Melbourne in November, 2015 was a landmark year for  Total Performance Centre. If you are reading this now, I personally thank you because you have been a part of the continued growth of TPC and are the reason we as a team continue to do everything we can do to be better. 

What does 2016 mean for TPC? 

Well for one, more hard work from myself, Jade and Scotty to try to make our centre even better and continue the great innovative classes and treatment options that are available.  

Starting from the 2nd of January, we are starting to re-vamp some of our spin classes. All of the 1/2 hour lunch time spin classes are going to have a strength element in them. This will involve doing a variety of exercises such as kettlebell work, squat exercises and other exercises that we know help combat the degenerative affects of sitting for long periods.  

Through 2016 we will also be bringing these components to the other pure spin classes. This will not reduce the affect of these classes buy rather bring a new level of performance that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals even quicker. 

Also from Saturday 2nd Jan the 8 am 1 hour Enduro Madness class will permanently become a Spin / Circuit class combining roughly half spin / half strength cardio style work. 

If you aren't aware of the Kettlebell class  that was introduced during 2015, it is held fortnightly at 9.30 am on Saturdays. This class will be concentrating on how to move a Kettlebell correctly and will have a short conditioning work out towards the end of class. This class is 40 - 50 minutes long and is a great way to get your kettlebell skill level up quickly.  

What does 2016 mean for you? 

It is my hope that you continue on your journey and create goals and objectives that we are able to help you reach. You will continue to exercise and train at TPC and try the new class format and experience the benefits of these classes to both your cardiovascular and strength capabilities. 

For now:

- Make your time count. 

- Invest time in yourself. Make your health and fitness regime a high priority and look at it as a long term investment in you. - your most important asset. Understand that if you are fit and healthy, you will have a happier healthier life. 

- Make a weekly plan that you stick to. Make others in your life know that this is your time and that if they respect you, they will respect your time and allow you to try to better yourself.  Try to average 3 - 4 fitness sessions a week as a minimum. This number of sessions is a good start and will help you start to achieve your goals. But if you exercise your excuses rather than your body, the goals you set are likely to be just dreams. 

- Make better choices. It isn't always about being perfect all the time (or ever). But it is about making better choices for you and your family.  Enhancing your life and making a healthier you, shouldn't be thought of as a sacrifice. You need to think of it as a logical choice. 

- Get your diet on track. Talk to a dietician or nutritionist that you trust. Implement what they say and get the results that you really want. 

See you on the training track real soon!


Posted on January 1, 2016 .