What is your why?

With Summer just around the corner and the hot weather well and truly here. Christmas lights are going up and the festivities that come along at this time of year are almost upon us as well. It is just about this time of year where people start to miss a few of their usual training sessions. Reasons / Excuses not to train become stronger than the ones to train. Christmas work parties, Barbecues with friends, After work drinks on a hot Friday afternoon, it's too hot to train, beach sessions. The list goes on. 

Once we make it past Christmas. New Years Eve beckons. This is when the dreaded resolutions are made, often in a drunken haze. Promises to anyone with in ear shot, "I am going to get fit this year, I'm going to lose 10 k, I will run a half marathon, I will compete in my first triathlon". Do any of these sound familiar? Then with best intentions often while still on holidays, a flurry of exercise ensues for a week or two. Maybe even for an entire month. Then life starts to kicks in and everything returns back to normal. Working back late, too tired to train after work, going to bed late and not getting up on time to train in the morning. Not much changes from one year to the next. The reasons or excuses not to train remain the same next year as they were this year. 

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that it is not OK to enjoy your Christmas and New Years and I'm certainly not telling you to not set some goals for yourself for the next 12 months. I believe that you need to understand why you want to make these promises and goals. 

My belief is that if you want to make changes and make yourself better than you are today. You need to start from within. Instead of using the usual lines like: I want to lose 10 kg or wanting to look like some Instagram model. 

You need to start with why! Why you want to lose that 10 kg.  Why you want to join the gym, Why you need to join the gym, Why you want to make positive change in your life!

Once you begin to answer these questions it becomes somewhat easier to make time to exercise / train. Finding your why makes your decisions out of the gym easier as well. When you find your why. Your lifestyle decisions make more sense to you. Random acts become less frequent and your goals in the gym and in life become a realistic destination rather than an empty drunken New Years promise. It becomes a road map to making long lasting holistic positive changes to your life. 

So! What is your Why? 

If you know your why. Let us help you.

Posted on November 26, 2015 .