Welcome to Total Performance Centre (TPC)

Hello and welcome to the first official blog from TPC. 

TPC is a brand new health and fitness facility right in the Heart of the Newcastle CBD. It is comprised of 2 Remedial massage therapist and a choice of 4 personal trainers. 


Mick Rand is the owner of the facility and is qualified as a Remedial Massage therapist, Personal Trainer and is also an accredited Cycling coach. He runs the majority of the Spin classes and utilises his coaching back ground to give a unique experience during the spin classes.  He is passionate about taking a quality product and making it achievable to the every day person and showing them that quality coaching isn't just for elite athletes. 

Brittany Ashman is a Personal Trainer that has knowledge and passion and a desire to help people realise their health and fitness dreams, while making it fun and challenging. Brit comes from a competitive Surf Life saving background and is a former Newcastle Knights Cheerleader.  Brit Is in charge of the Lunch time fitness classes and is the co-ordinator for the corporate fitness program, that TPC specialises in. 

Leanne Manlove is a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach with 12 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Leanne is a recent addition to Australia having recently emigrated from Canada, she is a born educator and loves to impart knowledge and integrates that knowledge in to the programs and classes that she takes. 

Scott Kerr is a Remedial massage therapist and personal trainer. Scott has over 20 years experience in the field of remedial massage and has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. He is a valuable asset to TPC with his movement based approach to soft tissue therapy and personal training. 


TPC believes as such a specialised venue they have an obligation to give as many people as possible the best training and treatment advice and knowledge that they can give. Whether it be exercise, rehabilitation or some general tips with dietary concerns, healthy recipes or specific exercises execution blog. Advice that is given is often tainted with the requirement to pay a subscription, buy a product or take out a membership of some description. All information that is provide here on the blog will be free with no hidden agenda.  

If during the following blogs you think of a topic that you would like discussed. Please feel free to contact us and it will put it on the schedule to be explained. 


Up coming topics in the near future will be:

- What to do in your lunch break. 

- How to help your posture at your work.