About The Team

Owner: Michael Rand

After 22 years in the RAAF as an Aircraft Technician, I decided that my passion lay else where. 

Already a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Cycling Coach, I was doing more and more work out of hours heading in this area. 

Finally the decision had to be made - Continue with coaching and massage as a hobby or do it for real. 

Starting from home and working predominantly with massage, this quickly grew to working at a small clinic in Newcastle then on to working out of a Gymnasium for 1 ½ years. 

Since early 2014, Total Performance Centre has been a part of the landscape of the CBD of Newcastle offering high quality Personal Training and Remedial Massage. I have built a centre that I believe can truly make a difference in real people’s lives by including Healthy Lifestyle advice, Strength Training and aerobic conditioning along with helping lessen people’s musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. I believe this is the true key maximising your potential to living a long healthy life.



Troy Smith

Troy is a Certified Level one Australian Weight Lifting accredited coach a qualified personal trainer and as you soon realise a complete and utter devote to all things strength and conditioning. 

Not long after that you learn that it's not just about strength. It's about doing it well, doing it safely, not compromising people's safety for ego.  

Troy is the latest addition to Total Performance Centre as a part of the Group fitness  team and is in charge of Raise the Bar for the Weekday morning classes. 

 Troy is currently also studying his Bachelor's in Food Science and Human Nutrition at Newcastle uni and has a keen interest in healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle choices with eating habits. 



Jo Wright

Jo is a crazy fit mum of 4 awesome kids and has a lot of experience in the world of fitness. She recently completed her Cert IV in Fitness but has been a consistent fitness advocate for a long time.

Jo did Crossfit for a bit over 12 months and has also competed in Ninja Park racing and qualified for the world team championships. 

Jo's fitness philosophy is to start with a good clean diet while still loving the food you eat. Health has to start from within. In regards to training, train hard in what ever you choose to do. Whether it be cardio or weights.

Try your best to give you the best shot at achieving what you want.

Mick Rand: Owner, Remedial Massage therapist Spin Instructor and Raise The Bar Coach

Mick Rand: Owner, Remedial Massage therapist Spin Instructor and Raise The Bar Coach